Elizabeth BaileyRP, Hon.  B.A.;  CTP  DIPL,   Member  CAPT

bing elizabethPsychodynamic  Psychotherapy

Often we do not have the time and the space to speak freely of our emotional experience of our own life to a caring person. Therapy fills this need, providing a safe and private place to explore your feelings with an empathetic and non-judgemental listener.



 Phil LaRose, RP, CTP DIPL  Member CAPT

bing. LaRosePsychodynamic Psycotherapy

Therapy is the place to look behind the patterns that have come to rule our behaviours and of course our lives. These thought patterns are often harsh and relentless taskmasters. Together we develop a deeper understanding of who you are, and we begin to create the ability and the tools for you to effect lasting change.



Ulla Weimann, RP, M.Ed.; CTP DIPL Member CAPT

bing. WeimannPsychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy has been a journey to a place I have always known but couldn’t quite reach by myself, a journey to discover a vital and energetic self hidden behind habits, reactions, fears, and illusion.



Alex Borovoy, RP, HBA, OACA, CTP DIPL, Member CAPT

bing. BorovoyPsychodynamic Psychotherapy, EFT Couples Therapist

This is where we begin: with your desire to be in your life, and in the world, with less fear, and with as much authenticity and happiness as possible; to simply be more of who you are.



 Laine Williams,  RP, CTP  DIPL,  BA, BEd, Member  CAPT


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

We all understand the wisdom of talking with someone who listens with an sympathetic ear. Being listened to inevitably generates new perspective, helping us through our quandaries, our fears, our doubts. Psychotherapy sessions are private, collaborative and improvisational, unique to every client and therapist. They offer an opportunity for speaking, and being listened to non judgmentally, kindling the possibility of new perspectives.