Who We Are

Annex Psychotherapy consists of Ulla Weimann, Alex Borovoy, Phil Larose, Elizabeth Bailey, & Laine Williams

All of our therapists are graduates of The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy in Toronto. (CTP). This means we have all completed our education and graduated from this training institute, which has been educating psychodynamic psychotherapists in Toronto since 1986.

The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy was established as a school dedicated to teaching the art and practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy and graduating qualified therapists who can provide therapy to people living in Toronto and the greater GTA region. The program length requires a minimum of six years of instruction and the students undergo rigorous training and clinical supervision including lectures, seminars, and workshops; and completion of papers, presentations, and case histories.


Classical psychoanalysis which includes the theoretical perspectives of Ego Psychology, Object Relations, Daseinsanalysis, Self Psychology and the Inter- Subjective approach. In addition to high academic standards, and one on one supervision by senior therapists while working as student therapists the CTP requires four years of group therapy and ongoing personal therapy before and during the training.

Our work is rooted in psychodynamic psychotherapy, which acknowledges the existence of an unconscious   mind that influences our behaviour, our thoughts and feelings.  It is the unconscious mind that surprises us  when we find ourselves acting or reacting in ways we don’t deliberately choose.”

We are all Registered Psychotherapists and proud members of CAPT – the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy.

Annex Psychotherapy, Toronto, Ontario